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Beauty features

December 07, 2012


What is in store for healthy beauty in this new era? More of the same, more refined, more advanced. Science is always pushing the frontiers of knowledge, and the world of beauty will adapt discoveries. In fact the past is helping the future, with the discovery and validation of “new” old plants, tribal wisdom, ancient lore.


But perhaps beauty lies in your own future. If you would like to be more informed about healthy beauty and wellbeing, look to adult education and holistic health centers for courses on anatomy and physiology, nutrition, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, grooming etc. If you are hooked of feeling and looking good and if you like the idea of helping others to do the same, perhaps you would like a career in the field. There’s potential for a wide range of skills, interest, ages and level of education.


Could you be a Beauty Business  insider?


Here is a table of different field and career possibilities that you can choose:





Hair dressing






Hair and scalp health specialist

Beauty Consultant

Sales person for cosmetic company

Beauty therapist

Facials care

Body care

Nail technician

Aroma therapist

Preparation of essential oil


Makeup artist

Working in Salon

Consultant in cosmetic company

Movie special fx technician

Make up demo


Hair removal

Fitness leader

Aerobic trainer

Yoga teacher

Tai chi

Personal trainer




Personal Groomer

Body Image and posture

Colour and Wardrobe consultant


Product consultant

Create cosmetics


with people. You also have to maintain your own good looks and well being in order give clients confidence. 

Most of the above list requires training and appropriate qualifications but none require a university degree. Most of them are suitable for young people, regardless one is a woman or man, and they can make good mid life career change.


Step by step in how to begin your beauty future:


Step 1: Gather information by talking to beauty workers you encounter (in shops, salon, clinics) – ask them how they got started.

Step 2: Enquire at local colleges.

Step 3: Ask careers advice centers and employment bureaux if they know of local training centers.

Step 4: Write with enquiries to cosmetics companies and professional organizations. 

Step 5: From information gathered, consider what training and possible licensing you will need. Weigh the cost and time it will take, the income you can earn and satisfaction you will get and enroll yourself.


This is the beginning of your career in the beauty world. Get started and good luck.


For more info: Sminka (Pty) Ltd, Village Medical Centre, Gaborone, + 267 73727150,   + 267 71597014



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