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From minimal to deamatic look -Part 2

December 11, 2012

From minimal to dramatic look 

Welcome back ladies. I hope that shopping for appropriatetools for your quick make-up tips was successful. We will start now a step-by-step make-up application and remember, do not be scared to make mistakes in front of your mirror. Practice makes perfect!

Are you ready? Let’s go.

 Step 1: Foundation

Clip or pull your hair off your face. The face should be freshly cleansed and moisturized. Do not forget your sunscreen if it is day time. Take foundation on a small natural dry-damp sponge. Dab a few blobs of foundation on your forehead making sure to blend properly into your hair line and out to the temples. Dab a bit more on the cheeks and spread under the eyes, sides of the nose and around the lips area, chin and jaw line. Make sure that you have spread evenly all over.


Step 2: Concealer

If you want to get rid of the freckles or dark circles around the eyes, pat on the concealer (which is one shade lighter than your foundation) over the foundation.

 Step 3: Powder

Set you foundation by applying your foundation by applying the powder (either compact or loose) with the powder brush and make sure to remove any excess, by gently going over still with the brush.

Step 4: Eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows to remove any excess of foundation and powder with the eyebrow brush. Sketch color on the existing hair by doing small stroke in between the hair line to fill in the space. DO NOT draw a hard continuous line - it looks artificial

 Step 5: Eye shadow

Choose two or three toning eye shadow shades using your brushes. Cover the eyelid using a medium shade, starting from the inner to the outer corner. Apply shadow to your eyes in parallel, one shade at a time, generally putting the darker shadow just above the crease of the socket, blending it smoothly into the lid color.


Step 6: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is optional with eye shadows. It can also stand alone. Use it to emphasize the eyes or for sophisticated effects. Start from the inner corner of the eyelid towards the outer corner, drawing the line close to the lash base.

 Step 7: Mascara

Use the eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

Hold your mascara wand horizontally to your upper lash and

stroke upwardly into the lashes. Do not forget the lower lashes!

Hold the wand vertically and paint mascara to these tiny lashes.


Step 8: Blusher

The eyes should dominate the blusher. You would prefer a gentle glow of freshness and radiance. Always blend with the brush so the blush does not look like patches or lines. Smile brightly to see the “apple” of your cheeks, drop the smile and stroke your blush working on an outwards direction (towards the temple)

 Step 9: Lips

 Using your lip liner, which should be the same color as your lipstick, redefine the lip’s contour.Then using a lip brush fill in the lips with the lipstick or gloss.

 Step 10: Finishing touches

 Do your hair, put on your earrings, spray on your fragrance – you are gorgeous and ready!!!

 There you are ladies, your 10 step towards enhancing your beauty. Hope you enjoy our little tips and don’t forget to have fun when applying your make up.

 Written by: Sarah Toussaint Sminka (PTY) LTD Personal Consultants in Bridal Make up, Nail Artistry, Beauty Therapy Training And Laser treatment.




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